Laboratory of geochronology and geochemistry of isotopes

The main activity of the laboratory is evaluation of methodological and methodological approaches for the development and improvement of isotope geochronology, geochemistry and cosmochemistry. To achieve this goal, the study of radioactive isotopes (U, Pb, Sm, Nd, Rb, Sr, Xe, He) in natural processes is carried out in addition to obtaining a significant amount of isotopic data.

The main tasks are:

  1. Development of models for the formation of matter of the early Earth and its shells, including the core, based on the content of long-lived and short-lived radioactive isotopes.
  2. Assessment of the possibilities and limitations of the integrated approach, including isotope and petrological-geochemical methods for periodization, duration and dynamics of structural metamorphic transformations in the areas of polycyclic development of endogenous processes.
  3. Reconstruction of the temperature-time evolution of geological objects and the creation of modern thermochronology.
  4. Use of isotope-geochemical methods for studying real exchange in the mantle, determination of the source and age of mantle melts.