Laboratory of fluid processes

Since April 1, 2019, the Laboratory of petrology has been renamed into the Laboratory of fluid processes due to changes in the subject of work and personnel.

The research is aimed at studying fluids as a medium of transport and deposition of rock-forming and ore elements at the P-T parameters of the lithosphere. The aim of the research is to obtain knowledge about the physical and chemical properties of fluids involved in endogenous processes on the basis of thermodynamic modeling of the phase state and physical and chemical properties of fluids, the creation and study of theoretical models, matching thermodynamic prediction with natural data (microthermometry and Raman spectrometry of fluid inclusions, paragenetic analysis, thermobarometry, calculation of the activity of fluid components on mineral equilibria, large-scale geological mapping). The objects of study are metamorphic and metasomatic rocks, hydrothermal veins, hydrothermal deposits.