Laboratory of metallogeny and ore genesis

Laboratory of metallogeny was created in 1985. The laboratory staff researches connection of geodynamic and metallogenic development of the Precambrian from 3.8 to 1.65 billion years ago.

The laboratory staff is involved in significant fundamental work: the creation of the World Atlas of Metallogenic Zoning of the Precambrian. The basis for the study of regional metallogeny of the Precambrian is a modern metallogenic mapping, with application of GIS-technologies and compilation of data on the tectonic evolution and mineralization. This mapping facilitate express assessment of mineral resources and scientific forecasting of ore districts. The main types of ore-bearing tectonic structures with a specific mineralization style were identified for the Precambrian regions, which were considered as structural-metallogenic units determining the features of metallogeny of each Precambrian ore-bearing tectonic structure.